I’m always looking for a good way to explore materials. I have experience with many different kinds of materials but I arrived at the glass art world and have remained with glass ever since. Glass makes me a powerful artist. Glass seems like human nature to me. For example, glass becomes soft and melts. Glass is delicate and easily broken. Glass is transparent and light passes through. Glass shines when I polish it.

My concepts come from philosophy and psychology. Old stories have them, a kind of humor, dreams, desire , and a critical view of society. Mainly I find this in old stories. Also, I make original stories for glass sometimes. Familiar stories are key in my work.

Most people look through glass at the dream world. As for me, I strive to stand on the other side. I believe that to represent the other side, it is desirable to provide a beautiful world full of dreams, humor and wonder. I want to show people the charm of glass.